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78 weeks later

remember me ?
man 2007/2008 was rough. fuck you.
i dunno why i'm writing in here tonight . i just got tattooed , a sweet severed rhino's head. my life is great. my heart is finally back in one piece, my art is flowing out. i got a website. dont know what to do with it . its probably going to end up as my portfolio site.
life is pretty good.
my eyes have been opened up this year. no sense of closing them now, right ?
i trimmed the fat on people who i thought i knew but got to know them too's one of those things, right?
people think i just dropped off the planet. when in reality i woke up and got out of the fairy tale. just before the unhappy ending.

i dont think i'm going to check back here for awhile. i hope you're all doing good and feeling good.
richard michael christopher hall
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