Richard Michael Christopher Hall (1000knives) wrote,
Richard Michael Christopher Hall

yo is it whiteboy day?

check this out.
i got hit by car last night .hahah not really hit , more like pushed to the ground by a back bumper of a gypsy cab.once i got hit i didnt know what went wrong .did i slip? did i get pushed?nope, neither of those .. break lights in my face.hahaha so i get up dust my self off. and the guy starts running towards me yelling " what the fuck.." so i really lay one right into his jaw. and then i start yelling "what the fuck asshole"he 's shocked out his fucking mind so i tell him to "leave"so i continue what i am doing . i go into the store to get my lime juice for soco and lime drinks at the original planned spot: my friend joe 's house in i get back in my cab and then my driver was like:
"who are you superman?"
"no bro.. just a busy guy ,i have no time to get hit by cars"
" you da bess papi i likes you "

so i continue to go on my leg is getting sore. so i drown it in some cheap beer.funny.i got the wrong thing i got lemon juice in stead of lime. " my friend was like ok.. ill excuse it this once just because you got hit by a car tonight"
so we hang out watch usual suspects and listen to murder city devils
so we decide to venture out in the world of astoria.limp and made me look cooler
so we hit a rough patch of closed stores and hot dog stands. the best thing i did was to give my sister a call. so she told us where to go , so we went.
after realizing it was boyfriend night at this spot where my sister told me we were bummed. but the urge for liquor prevailed and it took its course.
it was a great night until some shitty met fan had to give joe shit about the yankees.
so he was ready to roll on the dude.i on the other hand put a stop to it and told the guy" hey we're just some dudes drinking here , relaxing.if you say something again ill be the one facefeeding you this pint glass." its funny how quickly people apologize when you say those things to them.
so joe taps out .. amstel light has gotten the best of him im still at the bar holding it up like the champ that i sister finally rolls in with her friend. after feeble attempts of calling her and exchanging drunk "whaaazzzzzzzzzzups" and "yoooooo daaaawg" over the phone.
so we're hanging hard and her friend starts talking to me like we were alone . like naughty stuff and my sister is siting there with her jaws so wide open, my eyebrows curled in amazement at both things that were this continues and she trying to get me to sleep over my sister's house with her.i told her straight up " going to limp home and go to sleep and that's it "
she was bummed and my sister was relieved that i made the right decision.
came home.
fell out the cab. crawled to my step.
and got in my bed. and fell asleep.
what did you do last night ?
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