Richard Michael Christopher Hall (1000knives) wrote,
Richard Michael Christopher Hall

life at a all time high

i think i won, and going to be still winning. this smile and feeling of accomplishmnet is going to get me in trouble.
its that feeling somewhat similar as the end of Trainspotting. you know? where he's rambling off his new life and music is so intense you just want to dance around. that's what i'm doing right now.
Me and miss annieb have won. everyone else has lost. screw them we're the king and queen of feeling great right now. after some slopes and valleys we didnt want to take in life. it's over. we fucking win. you're going to be sick in the stomach on how much we feel good. maybe youre throwing up right now? who knows? who cares?
this is the race that we both had to win. and standing at the top of library steps in philadelphia like Balboa. feels fucking fantastic.

In Feburary. I have my fucking first art show! i can't fucking believe it .
here's the poster. you better come.

i love you and i love life.
forever will not be crashing down on me ever again.
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